Before I cook my new bike advice please

So, done around 120kms on my 07 WR450. Have no idea what needles, jets etc are installed as default, but have removed the peashooter and the airbox snorkel. Temperature here is generally hot and humid all year round. What is the general consensus on factory jetting? Should I richen things up with the basic mods I have done? Exhaust endcap is pretty much without any carbon deposit.

as long as you mix 20:1 you will not have a problem

eh?? Its not a 2 stroke. Try trolling another site

I have only removed the peashooter, airbox snorkel, AIS and cut the throttle stop. I know that the stock pilot jet is a 45 and is too small even without any mods. The AIS removal kit comes with a 48 pilot and that seems to have helped a lot on the bottom. The kit also comes with a new needle and leak jet but I can't remember what sizes nor what was stock.

as long as you mix 20:1 you will not have a problem

Nice answer I gave you negative reputation on this one. Get a life dude.:thumbsup:

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