Question on mods

Are all the mods for the XR650L necessary for the 2007 model? The reason I ask is that when I read about them, or check a link for more info, they seem to go up to the year 2005. Like Dave's mod for example. Are the bikes and engines, exhaust and carb the same thru 2007 and all can use same mods? And is Dave's mod better than the Dyno Jet mod?



All the XRLs are essentially identical, except for paint and graphics.

Some folks like the dynojet kit just fine, others think the dave-mods are better.


The dyno jet kit is expensive and Dave's mods are cheap. Both work well on the power delivery. I'd do Dave's mods and use the extra $$$ on some other bike goodies.

I tried them both and liked Daves mods the best. I have since up graded to a mikuni carb that I find works the best.

What comes in a Dyno Jet Kit?

DJ kit comes with 2 mains, a needle&clip, and a slide spring.


a 160 and 165. the needle has a diff. shape also.

a 160 and 165. the needle has a diff. shape also.

And those 160/165 jets are not the same size as the keihin 160/165.

The DJ 160 is smaller (flows less) than a keihin 160.


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