Help! Head pipe for 2006 yz450f

So i dropped my bike getting it out of my truck the other day in the rain and put a bad dent in the head pipe, Now it runs like a turd. I was wondering if anyone has put exhaust on there bike and has a stock head pipe sitting around for a 2006 or 2007 yz450f. and would like to sell it for cheap. let me know. THANKS

Might try the fill with water and put in the freezer trick if it isn't too bad. Do a search for the topic.

Yep, fill the bent section with as much water as you can get to stay in there, leave the ends open, and stand it up in the freezer. It may take more than one pass to get it all, but the expanding water will push the dent out.

Titanium can be a little brittle when it's that cold. Don't be too rough on it 'til it warms up. Thaw out the ice in a bucket of warm (not hot) water if you need to hurry it up.

sweet i will have to try that out might wait till after the race this weekend just incase something does not go right

Do it! Overnight in the freezer will fix it.

What about an uneven crease not a uniform dent?

The ice will push out on any sort of depression until the pipe has resumed a cylindrical shape.

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