Chain Eating Sprockets ?

I just put a 14 tooth JT sprocket on the front of my 650l. Woks great for blending 1-2 gear and pulling the front wheel up. But someone told me that I should replace the whole drive system ( both sprockets and chain ) at the same time or the new srocket will eat up my chain. Is this true ? My bike only has 400 original miles, 200 when I bought it in April, So I wonder if my chain is still new enough that it won't matter. The Honda service manual says to change the chain after two years regardless of mileage. Has anyone lsot a good chain due to adding new sprockets ?

Personally, I don't think you have enough miles on your chain to worry about it.

Now if that was 400 miles of riding through sandy mud.....??

A chain and sprockets wear together. As the chain wears, it hits on a slightly different place on the sprockets and wears them down until they look like a "shark fin" (sorta).

What your friends are telling you is if you have wear on the system and you only replace one component of the system, then it will wear the new part excessively.

There are some dual sport guys who swap out their countershaft sprockets depending on the ride they are doing. Some even bring a smaller one along on the ride and change out when they get to the dirt !!

Great response. I won't worry about the chain, until I see the " Shark fins ". Then I'll know to replace all of it.

:thumbsup: i did a 48 tooth rear on myxrl. 800 miles on it (500 of it was a dualsport ride). zero issues.

You are fine with replacing your sprocket. That chain is still almost new.

It's only an issue when the existing chain and sprockets are worn. If you throw a new sprocket on a bike where the existing ones are worn, then the new sprocket will wear really fast. It's the new part that gets trashed by the worn ones not the other way around.

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