Help tall newbie.....

I put a set of Pro-Taper ATV High bars on and call it a day. They are the perfect for me at 6'2".

I have an 01 XR650R. I am 6' 4". I want taller bars.

When putting on Pro Taper ATV high bars, are the cables long enough? If not, what is the max rise to keep the cables? If cutting the bars is necessary, how much do they need to be narrowed to get this to work?

For those that have the ATV high bars, does the sweep (wrists being angled out more) feel too extreme?

I noticed that there are two conversations going on in here; one for 600/650Ls and one for 600Rs. How different are the ergonomics between them? I'm 6'4" and have a '95 600R that likewise feels too short when I stand up. It has an aftermarket upper clamp and unknown bend 'Tapers.

i put on a set of rock speed fx 2" pivoting risers, man what a difference! i'm 6'5" and standing up is a pleasure now! highly recomend.:thumbsup:

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