i have betrayed the 650...lol

Well i pick up a new bike on friday ....2006 CRF450R brand new....im actually really excited ...but at the same time i feel bad like ive betrayed the 650 ......lol anyways im keeping the 650 anyways and i will let you guys know how i make out with the new one ...later:applause: :thumbsup:

Hey, the 650 is only a machine, but I know what you mean. I still miss every one of my "ex's". Enjoy the new bike!!

High speed go fast !!!!! CRF450R!!! be careful where you point that thing!

its just a bike and yet somehow im attached to it.

thanks guys .....i pick it up thursday now i just went by machine racing and its ready to go ....those guys are really good to me ...they always have been like that....:thumbsup::)

Let us know how you like it and give us your unbisaed compairsion between the two.

Kinda nothing to do with thread but this is for info only, I thought one time of trading in my new 04 XR250R for a 07 CRF450X. Justifying it in my mind, that it would be all the pure dirt bike I would ever need and then some, coupled with E-start etc. Then I rode the CRF250X (buddies bike) decietfully fast, but hard as a rock suspension and seemed that you had to manhandle it more, it liked to go exactly where you pointed it, frame rigidity I guess. The power delivery to me was strange- no more luggin down low end torgue of the XR, more of a grrrr-BLAST down low. Now thinkin the 250 is like this the 450 would be worse (for me) I remained with my lil Red XR250R and it does everything I want it to and more, seems to be the perfect size, power, handling etc woods bike. I think it is all I will ever need. Sometimes I take the XR650L on the same trails and it will do it, but it is a chore and it has that high nose dive feelin when you need to turn real tight. That and for any extended tight trail use I would switch to the 14 /48 the stock sprockets cause alot of chain snatch at low speed.

well ive owned both at the same time. The CRF is quicker, lighter, twitchy the 650R is faster, smoother, and straighter. my crf was an 02 but with a bunch of stuff done to it. it got traded off, still have the brp. traded the 450 on a crotch rocket, its gonna go away for a 250 2-smoker here soon, but keeping the BRP. I love this bike there is something about it. congrats on the new bike, you wont be dissapointed, but your arms might be pissed at you.

well sorry it took awhile to reply...anyways the new machine is amazing... so much easier to ride the thing does what you want it to do compared to the 650 doing what it wants to do....lol. anyways i love the power , and the handling, basically it does everything better ...except its twichy at high speed. the funny part was i always thought the 650 would wear you out faster due to the weight of the bike and well it does but the 450 is hard on the forarms ....must be the suspention.....but anyways i would recommend this bike to anyone it is complete. that is the only word to describe it ...Complete...... thanks for listening ....later

So the power is better? I figured it would be good, but not like the 650.

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