xr 100 BBR Big Bore... worth it?

I have an 03 xr100 that is street leagal here in California. I need more top speed... BBR 120 kit looks nice. I was also going to add a XL185s 26mm carb also and keep the stock pipe. I also wanted to raise the gearing to offset the performance gain to achieve more top speed.. trips to the camp store!!

Also... how will the stock carb work with revised jetting and what jetting should I do?

I already have the frame cradle.

Thank you all for your help!!!!

I love the BBR BB kit. A lot of bang for the buck. I also have a PD62a ATC 200x carb on mine. Works really well.

How the heck did you get a XR100 street legal in Nazi controlled California? From the sounds of it you can barely get cars street legal there anymore...lol the Govinator must be slipping out there.

I'm curious too. I live in California as well. I'd love to know how you made it street legal.

I'm installing a BBR 120 kit on my Son's bike next month. I currently put a 15 tooth front and 46 rear sprocket on his CRF100F to give it much more top end. He had it up to 54.6 mph and it was still accelerating.

let's get a group buy on the bbr 120 kit , i would take a kit ,two even if the price is right what ya say? want to start another thread and see who would be intrested?

If we can find a price lower than $299.00, I would be willing to go in on it.

Great to hear fom you all!! Thanks so much!

The bike is a 2002. You were able to register a green sticker bike here in Cal before Jan 04. There have been some folks who have been lucky after and there is word of the DMV pulling the plates but if you have a plate you will most likley be safe.

The bike stock is not a very good Daul Sport. Too slow on top end for any decent street speeds. The BBR kit along with some higer gearing should do the trick. I also have an XR200 carb to install too so that should help.

On the group buy I would totally be in to get a better price on the BBR kit. The best I have seen is $299. Maybe the price will go down since there are newer bikes to repace it.

Let me know if you need any more info!!

Yes its worth it... alteast it was for me:)

I would be in for a group buy too. I've been wanting to get the bbr kit, but I didn't want to pay $400.

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