YZ450; how many of you use it mostly for MX?

Nice to see there are quite a few mx riders on the 450. My next question is, how many of you are over 30? It seems like most 450 guys are over that age simply because they don't take mx seriously anymore and they just want a powerful machine. How many of you fall in to that category? Reason i ask is because i don't want to be persuaded to go with the 450 by people who don't have the same common goal as me.

I'm 33, and weigh 160lbs in gear. Been riding/racing motocross for 8 years, and riding motorcycles for a little over 20 years total.

The two main reasons I went with a 450F instead of a 250F are that firstly, I'm riding at Denver elevations so we suffer a power deficit, and secondly all my riding buddies are on 450Fs and I didn't want to give anything up to them in horsepower. Plus, I just plain got tired of getting roosted off the line on my 250.. :thumbsup:

The transition from the two-stroke to the thumper was much easier than I expected (6 months and no crashes yet!). It's easier to clear the big jumps now of course, and I can be much lazier with gears and clutch that I used to be. I'm not a Pro/A however, and never will be so I don't really care if I'm getting a little sloppy with technique. My laptimes have improved on the 450F, and the bottom line is that I ride motocross to have fun.

I am 42 and ride only tracks w/my (still new at about 10 hrs) 450 but I have a yz 125 and 2 yz250's (I find em' hard to let go of...we bond pretty hard!)

I dont race but do ONLY track riding w/the 450 and I waited A LONG time before I finally went w/a 4 stroke...reason being is I wasnt happy w/em but this bike changed my mind. I havent been on the KTM so cant compare but I can say that I am VERY VERY comfortable on/with this bike....I have been to 4 tracks w/it so far one of which was competitive edge in hesperia and there are 3 decent tracks there so the bike has time on 7 tracks totall and has seen the variances in track architecture and has performed well in whatever it encountered...this bike "feels" VERY VERY lite to me at 170 lbs and 5.9' and for me it was an instant feeling of "oneness" I have been on bikes that just fealt a bit off or akward but this bike just "feels" like a part of me which is something I had never gotten from a four stroke when I combined all of its elements in the variables of differant terrain applications.

And though mine is pretty much stock ( just some carb work) there is also room for improvement but I personally am very happy w/it as is... but w/some mods it only gets better and that is saying ALOT.


Thanks for all the responses everyone, they have been helpful. Keep them coming if you can.

From my experience, in the Denver area, probably more than half of the people that buy new MX bikes do not race competitvely.

100% trail

40 years old

Purely MX. I race all over SoCal mostly Vet-X and most recently the Perris Raceway series. I'm 41 and race the Vet-X 36-42 Nov and 40 Nov everywhere else. I have the FMF Factory 4.1w/Megabomb and this thing is a holeshot monster. Suspension is insane smooth, plush, soaks up everything. I have overjumped stuff and shorted jumps that normally would have put me in the dirt, but this thing just keeps amazing me how killer it is!

17, 175lbs with gear. Id say im a pretty fast B rider and I use this bike for 98% track. I went from an 04 250f to an 06 450 and I am happy I did. Last year I didnt ride the bike much but this year I revalved the suspension and the bike feels lighter then my 250f with way better motor/handling. The bike fits my riding style fairly well too so Im stoaked with how its set up right now.

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