How to tell what I have?

The title says it all. Where do you find the vin and all on a yzf. I was told it was a 00 450 but how do I tell for sure. I gotta tell ya what ever this bike is it is fun as hell to ride.:thumbsup:

its pobably a yz400f because they didnt make 450s until 03 check the right side of the frame by the steering stem.

One thing is for sure, you were given false information. It is definately not a 00 450. In 2000 they were 426's. As mentioned above they started making 450's in 03.

Thanks for the replys. This is a wierd deal a friend of a friend bought this bike new in what ever year it was and rode it like twice and then broke something and never rode it again. In comes my friend, he gets the bike from this guy and rides a little but is to busy to ride that often. He calls me up one day and says hey if you ever feel like riding come by and pick this thing up and use it. I am like so I go buy and pick it up and have been having a ball on it ever since. He said it was a 00 450 but maybe he is just rounding way up or can't remember what year he bought the bike. I am just trying to figure out what the hell it is so I can get a manual on it and keep it serviced in case he ever wants it back . I will get the vin off the bike tonight a try that site and see where it gets me. Sorry for the long post:crazy:

The tenth digit or character in the VIN number is the year model. The 2000 model year was designated by a "Y", 1998 and 1999 were W and X. Beginning in 2001, the alpha characters were replaced by numerals, which will hold true until 2009, when they will either go back to alpha, and/or move the year designator to a different place in the string. To be any sort of a 450, it would need to be a 3-7 in that spot.

Write down the VIN number and try starting here This should list the model straight away.

You can try that but in my experience motorcycles don't usually show up.

The vin search has to have a model and there is no yamaha but it does have the Y in the 10 position so I know it is a 2000. Now to find out if it is a 400 or a 426 or did they only make the 426 in 00 and not the 400? Here is the vin if some one wants to decode it JYACH0432YA00097. Thanks for all the help:thumbsup:

If it's a 2000 then it is a 426. 2000 was the first year that the made the 426. 426 ran 2000-2002, then in 03 450's started being produced. Prior to 2000 it was 400's in 98 and 99 I believe. I have a 2000 426 and it is a good bike.

Good deal I guess I have a 426. Thanks for all the help! Now I just have to find a manual for it which one do you guy think is the best? I am new to these new fangled 4 strokes. I just sold my 84 xr350 and have never owned a bike newer than a 90 and that was a kdx 200. This bike is proble way to much bike for the way I ride but it sure is fun to ride wheelies in every gear:ride:

Thanks downloading now:thumbsup:

The Yamaha shop manual is hands down the best. I cannot trust the Clymer or Haynes manuals due to finding too many errors in them.


Oh well as usual GR comes to the rescue, he is what makes this forum so neat.

My VIN is: JYACJ01C51A021534 so I assume I have a 2001 YZ426?


doesnt it have the displacement on the cylinder telling you the cc's?

the cc's should be on the cylinder itself.

I am interested in the model year of the bike I have.

My VIN is: JYACJ01C51A021534 so I assume I have a 2001 YZ426?


Yes, it's an '01.

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