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Legal Alert! CA Prop 40 Vote NO!

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Taken from DRN:

Are you aware of California Proposition 40? It is on the California

March 5 ballot.

It looks like a $4.3 billion (Cost in 25 years) state version of

CARA. This proposition is in addition to the proposition 12 funding

approved in the year 2000 election (some of you may remember

Villaraigosa praising the benefits of this spending measure in Sierra

Club sponsored advertisements).

The Director for the Anza Borrego Foundation announced that this was

the perfect time to leverage trust moneys for matching funds and buy

up ranches. He claimed the aging ranchers no longer wanted their

lands and their heirs were wanting to sell. The importance of habitat

acquisition contiguous to USFS and other public lands was

stressed. When asked how much of Proposition 40 money was designated

specifically for trails: there is none.

Now, they want more money.

The advertisement campaign promoting the proposition on the

television is called "Our Land Our Water." Their website is


The program looks like a "winner" because they combine the issues of

toxic waste, air and water pollution, and endangered "open" space.

The money generated (bonds to be paid by tax revenue) would be spent

buying property and cleaning up contaminated and depredated


Brief information appears to provide cities with about $220,000, and

about half of the bond is slated for land acquisition in the

10,000-20,000 acre parcel range (not land in city's). The sponsor of

the TV advertisements is The Nature Conservancy, the same group that

will benefit most from having tax dollars to purchase more land and

create more "prescriptive Wilderness." The Nature Conservancy (TNC)

is a multibillion dollar corporation dedicated to purchasing land and

holding it in trust until it can be granted (for a price) to the

Federal Government.

I doubt if you will find any TNC land holdings that are dedicated to

off-highway recreation uses.

You need to ask yourself,

"Are you willing to hand tax dollars over to a multibillion

corporation, just to allow them to keep you and your choice of

motorized recreation off the land?"

The issue is slated to be on the California March 5 ballot.


You can register to vote up to two weeks before the election.

Get out and tell your friends and recreation associates to register

and vote against proposition 40.


Reply: folks-remember, these are the same folks who want to use your green sticker money to help close down riding areas. more taxes and registration funds to stop YOUR activities. don't be fooled by clean this and safer that. it is about controlling your ability to recreate in the way THEY want you to play.

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knowledge is power. Thanks for the info get the word out and vote!

P.S. did I spell knowledge correctly?

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