Shipping a bike, would like a few links, suggestions .

Just want some good links or recommendations for shipping a XR 650L.

Possibly may want one shipped from Jefferson City MO to Slatington Pa 18080.

How about this auction method .......

Anyone try it?

uship is awesome, just take your time and the deal that you want will come, i shipped a honda atc 70 from south east texas to la, cali for $200... and i shipped a old polaris three wheeler from s.e. texas to nashville for $250..

Just recently, that's a great deal ! Can't beat that! :thumbsup:

I priced the bike at a few sites and they were anywhere between 6 & 850 bucks!

I even called the one place back and had the guy double check and YES, it was darn close to 850. He said it's MORE then a car because a car they just drive right on and are done with and a bike needs to be "tied down, covered and delivered in a enclosed transporter.

Size of bike didn't matter either, a little 50 or goldwing same price, that's crazy.

thats the great thing about uship, most of the time they are making a delivery, and they can just through the bike on there without haveing to make a special trip..

Another vote for Uship. My XRR went from upstate NY to Detroit for less than $300, insured, with extra parts, door to door.

Thanks all! :thumbsup:

I ended up buying a L elsewhere and picked it up (800 mile round trip:crazy: ) myself just yesterday.

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