YZ exhaust question

Hi guys, I need some input.

I picked up a used YZ exhaust for my WR. I installed it on the weekend and fired up the bike. Well I think I was getting exhaust leaking from the connection to the header, but I couldn't tell for sure cause the whole YZ pipe was smokin. The previous owner said it melted some plastic on his bike and I think that was what was smokin. But I was afraid there was more to it than that so I took the exhaust off afraid it may melt my airbox, sidepanel, etc etc.

Here are some images of the YZ exhaust. Would a new gasket (right name?) solve the leaking exhaust?




Here is the melted plastic on the pipe. Would it be safe to run this on the bike till it all burns off or should I try to remove the goo?


Or should I just toss the YZ pipe?


That gasket looks like crap. I'd replace it and clean / re-pack the can. I'd also get as much of the melted plastic off as possible. Then re-jet for the new pipe because you'll probably be a little lean.

Yeah, a new gasket and it should be fine.

Yeah, a new gasket and it should be fine.

OK that is what I thought. I have seen "exhaust pipe silicone" in the magazines, should I pick up some of that too, or is it not necessary?

Now do I need to be concerned that this pipe will melt any of the plastics on my WR? I imagine if jetted properly, the pipe shouldn't be any warmer than the stocker.

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