06 Head Rebuild Time


Since installing a new Piston and Rings along with an hour metre its come time to check the valves again (10 hours has flashed up).

They are still in spec but considering i reshimmed them to the loosest clearance last time as a couple of intakes needed a slight adjustment, they are closing up.

I have decided that I had better do it before they loose clearance all together.

I rang a local highly regarded head shop called RAMS heads its in Aust.

They quoted me near on $1500 Aust. to get it serviced with xceldyne valves and he said something about copper valve incerts or seats?? - the guy was telling me that the valves wear out due to the valve seats being to hard and this prolongs the life of them.

Anyway my question is should I put it into the shop or do it myself and save $300 - $400??.

I have confidence that I can do it properly but is saving $300 worth the time it would take using OEM valves, springs and all the other things like retainers ect??

What else should I change besides timing chain?


It may sound exciting to consider the use of some aftermarket valves (and the Xceldynes are excellent, BTW), but given how long the OEM valves hold up when done right, I don't see a reason to use anything else.

Yeah thats what the owner told me as well - that the OEM valves are good but the Xceldynes are the goods.

I am still undecided on which way to go, I will add it up to the last cent and see exactly where i stand and which way i will go.

For $1500 rams should be porting it too...... And you wouldn't have to touch it again - ever.

But they do some of the best work in Aust.

Definitely go with the original OEM valves. They are nearly bulletproof. You'll wish you had if you don't.

There are two keys to doing a long lasting valve job using Ti valves:

> The guides MUST be in good shape. They almost always are, but it's very important that the valves close squarely on the seat without "scrubbing".

> The seats MUST be refinished, and be as perfect as possible. Grinding is preferable to cutting, especially so for the final finish on the actual seat.

My '03 has never had the head off, nor needed a valve adjustment, and the '08's are coming out. They really are tough.

Iam unsure exactly how many hours from new are on my bike since I only just installed and hour metre but I would estimate 150+ considering I have put 10 hrs on it in a month and thats not riding very much for me.

I always have the air filter clean, use good fuel 98 Mobil, ride the bike hard but keep it off the limiter, oil changed often - 5hrs seems like a lot of riding time to me so after a long hard ride I would normally change it before i got the hour metre.

I guess no matter how well you look after them they will eventually need doing and I guess I will feel good knowing they are good to go again for a lot more hours once they are done.

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