Rejet for K&N Air Filter?

As stated, will I need to rejet when I install a K&N filter?

Since the bike is lean from the factory for epa reasons and you are going to put a somewhat frearflowing air filter on then yes you should and the bike will be better for it. You may want to check out the uni filter if your going off road.

Thanks Goblin.

The bike has been uncorked, excluding cutting the airbox sides.

Would you happen to know if cutting the airbox sides will bring a lot more power, or just a slight improvement. I mainly ride street (Supermoto), but on occassion I throw the dirt wheels on and go trail riding. I've been sort of hesitant (and lazy) about the mod because I did fall while going through a deep swell that had about 2ft of water in it. Could only imagine what the difference would have been with the airbox open.

Any thoughts?

Thanks! :thumbsup:

the uni foam is a far better filter as far as trapping dirt. k&n lets a fine silt pass thru and after a while, the inside of the intake tube will be coated! cutting the box may let water in more quickly too! who am i to talk though, i stuffed the battery and all the electronics in my airbox, and now use a pod filter!

I would stick with the snorkel removal only because once you cut those sides theres no going back. And performance wise,well you don't need it unless you built your motor. Are you doing Daves mods? If you are 55/158 on thre jets would be fine with out a pipe.

Are you doing Daves mods? If you are 55/158 on thre jets would be fine with out a pipe.

:thumbsup: Dave's mods? Please elaborate.

Lucky, if you have an XR650R, the dave mods do not apply.

For the XR650L it refers to a group of mods to improve the breathing, and a search will turn up the info here or on


OOPS! :thumbsup:

Didn't realize that I didn't post that I have an XR650R.

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