kickstand bypass problem/ headlight turns off when in gear??

I have bypassed the kickstand switch on my xrl. Now when I put it in gear the power to the head light and tail light cuts out. If the bike is not running and the ignition is on the lights have full power as long as it is in neutral but as soon as I put it in gear the lights go out. When the bike is running same thing only they get dim. I've had the bike completely apart so maybe it is not the bypass that is doing it. Any ideas?

i should add that I bypassed the kickstand safety switch by connecting the 2 green wires

fixed... grounding the 2 green wires (kickstand switch) and also grounding the green wires on the neutral switch fixed it.:thumbsup:

I think there is still a problem, though, it should have been fine.

You probably have a loose ground under the seat, or somewhere.


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