Baja Designs Speedo on YZ wheel on 99 WR400


I have a 99 WR400 that has a spare set of wheels from a YZ (21/19) with it, full Baja Designs DS kit, DOT tires, ect. :ride:

I rode a dual sport ride with the DS Trailwings (Bridgestone 303s) on it, and thankfully it was dry, because they work fine on the road, but suck on anything wet.

So, after much procrasination, I changed to my spares with the full knobs, until I either buy some DOT knobs or find something better. The front wheel went on great, used the stock WR odometer drive and everything. :thumbsup:

I finally took it out for a ride yesterday and noticed something unexpected. The odometer and speedometer worked!:ride: The YZ hub does not have the pieces that stick out to make the odometer work, so I am assuming :ride: that the compression of the axle and hub is what makes it work. Are there any other theories?:)

I was fully prepared to go out and buy a Trail Tech computer, but if this is going to continue to work, and it seems fairly accurate, I am definitely not so speedy to spend extra dollars.

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