KLX450r electrical problems

First, I just wanta say that I love this bike (when it is running right) but now it is not...I have around 200 miles on my month old klx450r...I think...not sure because the front sending unit stopped working during the second ride and is on back order. The bike has been in the shop now for over a week...it starts fine, runs for a few minutes then starts to spit and sputter and cuts off as soon as you give it gas. The CDI box has been changed out, the coil has been changed out, now the mechanic is swapping sensors from a new klx450r on the floor. The kawasaki tech people have no idea...they have suggested numerous things and all have been done and still there is nothing to show for it. I am going crazy now. Is anyone else having these problems? Let me know if you have figured anything out. Thank God for my 36 month warranty, but all I want to do is ride!

Change your spark plug, get it properly jetted, and ride it. They are so horribly lean from the factory that you may have burnt out the plug...

it is properly jetted, spark plug was changed, can't ride it because it wont stay running after it heats up

not a goos start to the new bike

have they checked valve timing.

If I am correct...which I might not be...the valve timing (ie. cam timing) would have to be set up wrong during installation...therefore, the bike couldn't have run properly to begin with...which it was running properly for around 200 miles. Now, it might be possible that one of the valves is bent slighlty to where it seats properly when it is cold, but when it heats up, the expansion of the metal causes it to unseat...pretty unlikely...mechanic still working on it and believes it is electrical...he is doing his best to have it for me tonight...we'll see. I let you know if I find out anything.

Finally got the bike back today...Turns out the stator was bad


Has anyone else had this issue, it surely sounds the same as what my bike developed Saturday, I'll let the mechanic know what LittleE's issue was, but if anyone else has had the same problem it'll make it all the easier to test out.



Has anyone else had this issue, it surely sounds the same as what my bike developed Saturday, I'll let the mechanic know what LittleE's issue was, but if anyone else has had the same problem it'll make it all the easier to test out.


It's still in the shop, it was running lean ( apparently they go leaner after run in ), but they are still tracking the problems, all the valves were good, sounds electrical & they are just going through all that today.

Basically once warmed up, it develops a serious case of the coughs.

Seems I may have the same problem. I got stuck in the bush today during a race. Once the bike is hot it starts to splutter. I have checked the the carb and will change the plug tomorrow as well as checking the stator.:thumbsup:

So, do you need a 6v or 12v charger for this bike? :thumbsup:



So was that the problem with y'alls bikes? I believe I am experiencing it again...I don't even have 70 miles on the new stator and the bike is cutting up? Back to the dealer to see what they think.

sounds like a bad batch of stators , maybee sourced out in china ? - the symptoms you were describing were clasic of a stator problem, i cant believe it took your mechanic that long to figure it out , also something may be "shorting" causing the premature failure . husabergs are famos for frying stators , the exact symptoms exhisted with there stators , ,,, i had a lawnmower with a loose valve seat that did the same thing ....

Check the plug connector for the stator. It sits behind the fuel petcock. Mine had water in it and it took the shop a week to discover this.

Once they found the water in the plug, I am assuming the problem went away? Would your bike run fine until it got warmed up and then start acting up? I just pulled the connector apart and found water and corrosion in mine. That just seems strange to me that a little bit of water could cause such a large problem. I just sprayed WD-40 all in the connector and cleaned it out as best I could...don't have anywhere to run it around to see if that did the trick though. Thanks for the help.

That's it. Started fine revved fine until you put it in gear. Now when I wash the bike I always blow the connectors with compressed air and give them a coating of silicone spray.

have your mechanic check the stator.

I have just developed a similar problem on my 08', taking it to the shop monday to hopefully make use of my extended warranty also. I see this is a very old thread, so im wondering if anyone has run into this issue more recently? Mine has about 800 miles on it, plenty of power WHEN IT RUNS.

my 08 was doing the same thing.. i too found the problem with water accumulating in the connector from the stator. for some reason, that one plug connector is upside down. hit a stream fast enough, or get too generous with the bike wash and water finds its way into this connector. I fix this with no more problems for over 8 mos by drying it out and putting dielectric grease on the female end and plugging them back together. give this a shot. $3 dollar fix

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