04 YZ450F, stock clicker settings and gearing?

i recently hit an mx track and some trails on my yamie in supermoto form, even thou it was very hard work, having no traction, terriable gearing(15-42) and where wearing a set of leathers, which are very heavy and restrictive for mx, we got on very well and surprised eveyone including our selfs.(some guys where taking bets on where they would have to drag us back from, we showed them:p )

Being out riding on dirt again has made me realise how much i miss it, so i wanna get my bike in mx trim and do some novice races. one problem i bought this bike in supermoto trim. i have all the stuff to put it back to mx trim, but as above i do not know the stock clickers settings, gearing and number of link in an mx chain? so if anyone could help out?

many thanks.

All of that is in the manual. Got one?

Top of my head, the stock gearing was 14/48.

nope, never needed one, but am pretty sure a buddy has one. i'll give him a call. Cheers

You know you can download your own, right?


The chain info will be in the specs section (chapter 2), and I believe the clicker base settings are in the tuning section in the back.

Standard settings from manual:

Forks- rebound 10 out / comp 13 out

Shock - rebound 12 out / comp 12 out ... high speed 1 turn out

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