WR 400, noisey top end. NORMAL????

99 WR400F. I notice a little noise ( kinda rattling) coming from the top end, especially when i lug it a little. Is this normal for them?

are you sure its just not chain slap?

Nah. But I just read the FAQ's and it said that these engines are noisey by nature. BIG load off my mind. Thanks for the reply

mine does the same thing and i was wondering if there is any way to quiet this? Thanks

If the timing chain hasn't been replaced in a while, they get noisy. Then the chain slips a gear and you get bent valves. That happened to my bike 3 or 4 years ago.

I replace them as part of annual maintenance any more. My '99 is on it's 4th timing chain. My bike has around 25-30k miles on it. Matter of fact, I just replaced mine a few months ago and it did get a bit quieter.

if you have a bash plate or metal skid plates it bounces the sound upward also

Change The Oil

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