moses lake WA

Hello all my blue riding brothers. Me and about 5 other guys are going to be going to moses lake this sunday. We are leaving Post Falls, ID at 6 a.m. Should be there around 8 a.m. Maybe i will see you all out there. Look for a white eddie bauer ford shortbox with a burgendy 2WD toyota pickup. Come say hi if you all decide to go. Hope to see the ones who are close there.


what a good time. Never ridden the sand before. but by the end of the day i had it dowm. i got a new pipe for my bike so this whas her maiden voyage. Louder then heck. WOW but what a difference. Just lettin you all know we had a blast. But when we got home to the snow we got a little depressed.


Hey Chris, just wait and try Moses Lake in the summer. When it is warm you can play in the water and really have fun. Look for the seagulls standing in the lake out about 100 yards on the sand bars that are only 6"-12" under water and go ride the sand bars. If you want to throw a little color (orange and black) into the group send a pm to idahodirt.

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