quiet exhaust to tame down 450?

Hey guys, I am new to the 450 club and I am thinking I may try to tame it down for about a month or so until I get used to it. I race mx and dont want to make it a slug, just make the transition from a 290f easier- know what I mean?

I was thinking of maybe getting a quiet pipe to tame it down. Which brand(s) do you reccommend to do this, or is there a better way?

If you want to tame it down and quiet it down at the same time just put a DB Dawg in it. You will lose some low end and eliminate any hit the bike ever had. Or you could just turn the throttle a little less.

do you really feel the db dawg took the hit away that much on your bike?

I bet you would like one of those throttle cam set ups.Or a flywheel just a little heavier than stock. I put a DB dawg on my WR with a YZ silencer. Im really happy with the power that my bikes puts out.

Ok guys, I feel like a spode for starting this thread. I guess my first impression was off. I manned up and decided to race it today, what better way to learn huh? Yeah I rode bad my first moto, but by my second I was on my game and learned how to ride it fast, and it was not intimidating anymore. My last 2 motos I got huge holeshots.

After racing it I do not want to tame it down not even a bit, in fact I am sure a pipe will be in store for it before summer is up.


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