AIS Removal on 2007 WR450 Question

Ok, so I'm curious, on the instructions it says to install the intake plug on the carburetor. Where on the carb is this? Also, where the air induction hose came off of the rear of the cylinder head there is no plug. Could the instructions mean to plug this part rather than something on the carb?

I'm sorry if my question is confusing, my brain stopped working a couple of hours ago and I'm rather tired. Any help would be appreciated.

:thumbsup: The AIS removal kit from Yamaha is very low cost for the 07. When I purchased my 07 WR450 about 4 weeks ago from the dealer, I had them do the AIS kit and removal and throttle fix ($38 for kit), grey wire, air filter, GYTR jetting, and put the FMF Q4 pipe pipe ($370) on the bike. You know how much they charged me for labor after buying a new bike and the parts (which I got 10% off)...$150. I drove the bike out the door, and it rips. It is a beast. If you have a good dealer you trust, and they are reasonable (obviously you won't get as good a deal on the labor as when buying a new bike)...have them do it all. It does take time to get to the carb, take apart.

I am very mechanically inclined, but did not want to mess. I have done this all in the past with bikes. This time, I wanted to drive out the door and go.

Its not hard to do AIS, but it takes time to take bike apart, remove rear shock, and get to the carb...once your their, my advice is to do it all. If you do AIS and will want to jet the bike. Frankly, you should enhance air filter and pipe the bike...all that gets 5 HP which is huge.

Just my two cents if you want to bring the real beast out of this awesome bike. This is the best dirt bike I have ever owned, and I plan on keeping this for some time.:)

I appreciate the advice. I'm way past deciding whether to do the work myself or have a dealer do it since my bike is already apart and I've done the work, now I'm just putting it back together again. The one question I had was whether the intake plug goes on the carb or on the cylinder head. If I could get someone who's done the GYTR AIS removal to answer that for me that'd be great.


The smaller rubber cap goes on the cylinder and the bigger cap goes on the airbox. I also did this mod myself but I don't remember anything coming from the carb. Man, the front blocloff plate was a bitch to put on.:thumbsup:

Thanks for the help all of you. Yeah, my fingers are skinny enough that I didn't have to remove the right radiator but I did tear up my knuckles a bit. I didn't remember anything coming off the carb either, that's why I was confused when the destructions said to put the cap there. In any case, I have my answer. Thanks again.

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