jetting question for wr450

i live in washington state and ride at sea level-3000 ft.I removed the AIS stuff and removed the throttle stop and unplugged the air box and exhaust. I bought the jd jetting kit and fuel air mixture screw.was wondering what main jet and pilot jet to run and if the red or blue needle is the one to run.I heard I should run red on 4th cllip from the top.also do I use a punnch to get that plug out for the fuel air fuel mixture screw.tried to take the sub frame off but all the wires are in the way was there a special way to take it off.Also heard some say you have to replce leak jet with a 45 and a 110 air jet is them to jets part of the jetting that is going to make this bike hum.

You don't have to take the sub frame off to re-jet, just pull the carb off the motor by undoing the rubber join and pulling it off.

This gives you enough room to get at the top and bottom of the carby.

I would start with JD red #4 but you might need to go to red #5 (or blue #3 if cool weather). Use a 48 pilot jet and a 168 main jet and you will be very close to what you need if not spot on. Leave leak and air jets stock for now.....

In addition to Mutu's comments, I'd encourage you to read the stickys if you haven't already- lots of very good info. Here are a couple of threads to get you started.

When folks "remove the subframe", they're only disconnecting the bottom two bolts and swinging it up using the top as a pivot point. This just frees up more room to access the carb - especially on the 07. And yes, you simply remove the float bowl and punch out the little metal piece for new fuel screw.

Hope this helps and good luck.

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