Another jetting thread....

Heres the deal, I have done my homework and searched through the threads here and still couldn't come up with a good idea of where my jetting should be.

The previous owner was from San Diego and rode close to sea level. I am near 1000 ft. at home and normally ride from 2000 - 8000 ft (8000 being the absolute highest, the normal range would probably be 2000 - 5000). He was running the B53E needle, clip in the 3rd slot. 68 pilot, and a 178 main.

Here is the skinny on the bike - Hot Cams stage 1, White brothers E2 can and header, air box snorkel and plug removed but side panel is intact, manifold is the uncorked version, smog removed.

Bike seems like it has no bottom end, has a small hanging idle and pops a little on deceleration.

I am planning on leaving the needle where it's at, going to a 175 main and switching out the 68 pilot for a 68s. What do you think? Also, if I open up the side of the airbox and put a Uni filter in there without the screen how will that affect things?

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