WR 450 05 Model


Went out for a trail ride yesterday for the first time in 3 months and was impressed with how well the WR was running! I have done most of the free mods but was wondering if the grey wire mod worrks on the 450 also?

Secondly we did a river crossing and I was told when I bought the bike that the breather mods where already done on the 05 model, but ont of the boys said the carb breathers also needed to be done. Sure enough after we crossed I noticed that when I rolled the power on slowly the bike would miss fire for a split second then run fine. This was most noticeable when pulling away. The bike usually cut out.

Any advice would be appreciated


if you are going to be doing water crossings regularly, I would route the carby breather hoses back to the airbox.

Thanks for the reply,

I have been looking at the carb today, would I need to re route all 4 of them or just one from each side as they seem to be from the same point of the carb?


I think just routing 1 from each side (the top tube) is the norm.

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