xr650 carb mikuni or edelbrock

I´m a new xr650r owner and i am interessted to hear from people who have edelbrock or mikuni carb on their bikes, espesially regarding gas milage.


I have an Edelbrock and ride offroad only. On tight trails I get 22 to 25 mpg. On fire roads I get about 30 to 32 mpg (we have a system of fire/logging roads that do not require plates to be legal)

I have read in many threads that the Mukuni is very difficult to dial in but once it is dialed, it out performs the Edelbrock in all areas. I would assume that they get slightly better fuel mileage also.

Mikuni has less top end than stock carb according to discussion with mechanic at XRsOnly. I confirmed that when I bought one and returned it.

I have the Eddie and it kicks azz. the snap is great and it's adjustable........

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