aftermarket fork relief valve question?

I just cant figure out why they are so long.......I put a set on my 450 to keep from having to use a screw driver to let the air out of my forks but after putting them on They are to tall:crazy: ,Looks to me like they will be easy to break off:thumbsdn: . I was just wondering if anyone has a set of these and could you unscrew the top part off of the bottom part which is the long part and just use the top part which is the reliefvalve(the part you push to bleed the air)and just screw this pieace in the forks so you dont have such a long valve sticking up.:thumbsup: Why would they make such a long relief valve?

my buddy has had them on his 2000 since pretty much new, 7yrs and no breaky yet, so I would'nt worry about 'em, I have had them on for a year now.......

I think I have the one's from Motion Pro, and they work fine. I don't find them being too tall, or creating any problems. Maybe your Outlaw models are taller in height?

all my buddies have them, no issues, mine had better be here for father's day!

there is a different brand available, i actually found them on this website. i don't remember the brand but they are much shorter, and they have different color caps available, they were a little more money but they are really trick. i can't post the link here for some reason but i recalled the post on it from months ago and put that back up here. in the tt tested section you can also read about them.

Thanks fellas! I appreciate yalls info! it was very helpfull. I guess I will stay with these outlaws and see how they hold up and if they dont Ill try the moose or the other brands.

System tech racing out of colorado makes the trick little billet ones that come in different colors. They are the best ones that I have used thus far and are half the size of anything out there. They are 30.00 a set. I considered it money well spent. Just make sure that your bike is on a stand and the suspension is cold before bleeding, according to Bones Bacon of pro circuit. There phone # is 303-794-5095

P.S. They also come with a trick little instalation tool.

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