white bros e-series exhaust

i have a white bros e-series exhaust on my 400. the pipe is bad ass but it blows the exhaust out the sides and i want it out the back. it had a plate over the back so it would blow out the sides. can i just take the plate out or will it make my bike run like shit? Thanks

That’s what is known as a tunable muffler. The plate on the end makes it USFS approved and you can add and remove discs to tune it to your bike and type of riding you do. More discs more top end but less low end, less discs better low end less top end. If you take a end plate out I will be loud as hell!

I have a 450 with a e-series on it without any baffles, its not that loud I ride with louder bikes at the local parks without any problem and it runs great.



I could be mistaken but I think he has a different style e-series. :thumbsup:

yes i have a different pipe and i was messin around with it today and with the end baffle out it is very very loud so i just left in alone since it gave me better throtle responce with the baffle. Thanks

How many plates are you running? I had one on my 426 and changed between 4 & 6 depending on where I was going to ride.

i think i have around 5 plates on now but i have about 15-20 extra

What are plates?? Should I be using them??

Thanks, Marty.

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