Street Tires Re:

Yes, thet will fit on stock rims. On the front you have no choice in size, got to go with the 21". As for the rear, you should be able to fit the 130/90X18.

Yes, tubes are needed for spoked rims.

Good find on the tires, may have to order some of my XR600R

I have some of the Kenda K657's on a old spoked street bike. They work OK. The good side is that these are about the least expensive tires around. They do not grip nearly as well as some of the Avon offerings.

You can also get Dunlop D404's in 21 and 18 inch sizes. They grip somewhat better, but are more expensive. I have a slightly used D404 in 120/90-18 that has about 90% of it's tread left. I have no use for this tire.

I would not go for a tire as wide as a 130 on your stock rim. I would go with a 110 or at most 120. With wider tires the tire gets pinched a lot and the contact patch actually goes down. It also wears faster as less of the tire is on the road.

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