DRZ pics with the best background landscape

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hey ribeye, that last scene looks familiar

Yep, here's another. Beautiful spot, I was up there a couple of weeks ago.


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Us DRZ riders will start a picture thread for no reason at all .... and they always ROCK!

Anyhow, I just found this thread after posting this pic in another pic thread. Bamboo forest in Toyama prefecture, Japan:


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Wow! Some really cool pics guys!!


Here are some of my favorites. :)

All these pics are the southern Sequoia national forest.






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1st pic is on the back side of Snow Summit Big Bear Ca. near the top of Clarks Grade looking south i think towards Mnt Gorgornio? wilderness.


this 1's finishing in the rain at HTM Cal. I crashed came in last, but Great racing in the rain anyhow.


I got 2nd in the 2005 Sportsman Class Championship Sttars So Cal.


this 1 is my home stomping grounds Turnbull Canyon road Whittier



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Another great thread :thumbsup:

Here's mine contribution:



some local shots just minutes from the front door. gotta love the DRZ:thumbsup: :)

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Fantastic pictures, thanks for sharing guys :thumbsup:

Ok, my contribution, sorry if you've seen them before...

..edit.. pictures in my garage seem to have disappeared, will upload more sometime..:):ride: :ride:

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Wicked Pics Guys, My pics from England dont even come close 2 yours. I wish i had places like that 2 go :thumbsup:

What do ya mean? Youve got some of the best pubs ever.

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or this one also

not really a background though just sand if that counts


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Great thread guys, it motivated me to go for a ride today & take some pics. I live on the far south east coast of Australia, surrounded by hills & about 15km from the coast. This is my first post & attempt at posting photos so hopefully it works.

Cheers, Steve.:thumbsup:






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Hey Steve-g where on the south coast are you? looks like around the bega to victorian border area?

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