Intro & a couple of questions

Love XR's. I used to own a '96 600R that I bought new but I sold it a few yrs back since there aren't that many dirt riding areas left where I live.

I currently own a '00 XR650R converted to supermotard & I had a couple of questions about jetting. The bike came w/an edelbrock carb, a custom intake connected to a K&N cone filter, ceramic coated headers & Yoshi exhaust. I'm in the process of buying a low-mile tagged '00 XR650R that has an HRC kit & HRC exhaust tip on stock exhaust (everything else stock).

I'm planning to swap engines between both bikes & wanted to know if I should make any changes to the Edelbrock to take in account the HRC-kitted engine (400 ft elevation & I'll be wrapping the headers in insulating wrap). Also, what should I change on the dirtbike to compensate for the stock engine? (which is currently jetted for the HRC engine).

Any suggestions would be welcomed.

Thank you.

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