why they quit?

why did they quit maing yz426's and go to 450? my unlcs is arguing w/me and saying 426's were junk, so can someone tell me the real reason they quit makin em??

I could be wrong, but I believe the AMA set the maximum displacement at 450cc.

Remember "There's no replacement for displacement"....so Manufacturer's would obviously make bike's at the largest size allowed, to compete with 2 stroke 250's. All things being equal, a bike with 450cc is going to have more Ponies than one at 426cc. Obviously, the Manufacturers wanted to sell new, higher priced bike's, so why not make a bike that's 450cc compared to 426cc.

I've never ridden the 426 models' , but from what I've read they were pretty bulletproof with normal maintenanace.

Maybe someone else will chime in and blow my theory outta the water, or confirm it.

426 were/are great bikes, one of the most bulletproof motors ever built. I'm sure the reason they went to a 450 is because the other manufacturers went to 450's...gotta keep up with the Jones' if you want to sell bikes.

Yamaha had the idea and prototype for bringing back the MX 4-stroke in the early 90's, and got the AMA to allow 550cc 4-strokes in the 250 class. The first YZF was a 400cc engine because that was what the engineer whose idea it was thought it would take to win.

The YZ400 was such a pile of crap that it immediately won the AMA SX championship, first year out. The AMA retreated to a 450cc limit. :thumbsup:

The 426 was an expansion of the 400, and they were and are excellent motorcycles. They're a little on the heavy side, but they're very fast, and very reliable.

The 450 was simply an evolutionary refinement of the same old YZF. There was never anything wrong with the old bike. Things just get better over time, that's all.

The 426 was/is an awsome bike. Great power, great reliability, very fast. I think your uncle is messing with you!!!

someone told me that the ama is going to change the displacement max to 350cc. i heard rumors about this months ago, anyone know if it is fact or truth now. seems pretty stupid to me, they have done enough stupid changes IMO in the last couple of years. i mean they already changed the names from the 125 and 250 class to the motocross lites and the motocross class just to accomodate the bigger displacement bikes to avoid confusion.

The rumor was for SX only, thus having the effect of forcing the privateer (and everyone else) to own two motorcycles to ride both SX and outdoor.

Stupid strike 1

The reason given was purported to be that there are only one or two guys that can handling that much power, and that's why the same one or two guys win all the nationals, when the fact is those two guys would win no matter what they or everyone else is riding.

Stupid strike two

2-0 for the AMA on this one.

i agree with the "same guys will win mentality" good riders wion no matter what they are on, maybe the other guys need to pick up the pace,if they can. making privateers buy different bikes is just ridiculous. what are these ama guys smoking.

Its the AMA, what can you expect?!?! They have been doing stupid shit since the beginning of their existence (and I am talking about the racing section, not the organization as a whole). Look at roadracing and you will that they have been making mistakes for a really really long time! They are finally starting to make strides but its still lacking.


Tell your uncle to do a little research and he will find the YZ400's and 426's were the top selling dirt bikes from 1998 to 2002 with out any serious recalls. The market speaks the thruth.

The 426 was a excellent bike. i bought mine in 02 and never had any problems. never had to adjust the valves. its been the best bike ive ever bought.

It was said above but it is worth saying again.

No replacement for displacement.

If you have limit of 450 cc in a competitive class then manufacturers will obviously move to that..

I didn't know about the 550 thing. Your knowledge is an inspiration as always Gray... :thumbsup:

The 426 was and is a great bike. There are still original YZ400's running alive and well. Yamaha builds a great motor and the evolution of this bike from it's origins should be a road map for other manufacturer's to follow.

Funny side story, some of the old Yamaha engineers are old gearheads and musclecar fanatics. They chose the 426 cc displacement to symbolically honor the 426 Hemi motors of the muscle car era. I recall reading this in an old MX action magazine a few years back. Once the AMA set the displacement limit and Honda brought their own version to the game, Yamaha relented and began producing the 450.

I have one of those "yz400's running alive and well"

pretty neat bike

I have an '02 426 and love it, but...

I think a high performance 350 would be awesome. I know I can't ride my bike to it's potential but I know if I had a 250 I would end up pushing it hard and would wish it had more power.

Why? One simple reason. The '02 CRF450. Honda up'd the ante, so Yamaha had to step it up.

The YZ400 was such a pile of crap that it immediately won the AMA SX championship, first year out. The AMA retreated to a 450cc limit. :thumbsup:

That was good :)

Why? One simple reason. The '02 CRF450. Honda up'd the ante, so Yamaha had to step it up.

And even then, the 426 was a better bike the the 02 CRF450.

I too have one of those 426's that will not die :thumbsup:

And even then, the 426 was a better bike the the 02 CRF450.

Yea, the '02 CRF did have it's issues. I almost bought one of those instead of the '01 426 I bought. Man am I glad I stayed blue.

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