why they quit?

i heard that they kept making bikes to keep up with the 250smokers.. the 426 was simply a small step from 400 to 450

The YZ400 was such a pile of crap that it immediately won the AMA SX championship, first year out. The AMA retreated to a 450cc limit. :thumbsup:


Didn't those big, nasty (like almost 550cc) KTM's that Dowd & Co. were using to pull monster holeshots (like a 1/4 mile ahead of the field! :busted: ) have something to do with the squawking to drop the cc ceiling?

The guy that hit the first turn in second thought he had the holeshot... 'cause Dowd was already 3 turns ahead and out of sight by the time they got there. :thumbsup:

Could have.

The AMA set the limit at 550cc without any research whatsoever. Yamaha built the YZF at 400 based on a reasonable estimate that that would create a pretty good match up. The AMA went 550 because they didn't believe a 4-stroke could win regardless of how big it was.

Yamaha was right and the AMA was wrong. Happens sometimes. :thumbsup:

Yamaha was right and the AMA was wrong. Happens sometimes. :thumbsup:

The AMA wrong?

Surely, you jest. :thumbsup:

The AMA wrong?

Surely, you jest. :thumbsup:

Amen brother......:thumbsup:

Why did they quit making the 400/426.....because the need for more power.............to be competitive. And I thank Yami for it....wow those 400s and 426s are like pregnant dinosaurs compared to the new 06-08 bikes.

Yeah, I remember my 98 400F felt like it had a 25-35 weight bolted on where the front number plate was supposed to be. :thumbsup:

Talk about top heavy. :thumbsup:

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