my bike started bogging yesterday2005 stock xrl i adgusted the fuel mix screw on the bottom of carb with the little handle and it stopped. im gonna clean the carb soon and i was thinking about putting stp fuel system cleaner in gastank has anyone ever tried this? it said it was for carb and fuel injected engines. i had the same problem 1 month ago backfired and stopped. any advice/comments is appricated.thanks.

you could try it but the best way to handle this is to actually get to bowl off and clean it well. use stabill is you are going to store it to avoid this!

Does it bog when you whack the throttle open, then pick up?

Or does it bog and never rev?

Could easily be water in the gas. Take a clear glass (a glass glass, plastic may melt) and drain the carb bowl into the glass using the drain hose coming off the bottom of carb by loosening the screw on the left-bottom side of the bowl.

The gas drains out near the front of the back tire, on the right side I think.

If you have water in the gas it should show up on the bottom of the glass, under the gas.


In October I picked up a 2002 xrl with about 1200 miles. It had been sitting for a while but still ran (choppy) and I damn sure didn't wanna take it apart right when I got it. My buddy had success with running STP through his TRL so I tried it on mine. You can't just put the whole container in there because the tank is so small, but if you put a little bit in every time you fill up (I didn't even need a whole bottle) then it may clear up your problem.

The only reason I have any faith in this is because I had a lawnmower that had been sitting for ages -- the tank and all of the internals were just covered in fuel lacquer. I put some 3+ year old fuel in along with some Marvel Mystery Oil and it cleared up the problem in no time.

Anyway, maybe after that you'll want to try Mystery Oil, but STP worked for me.

did you drain the old gas first? old gas can make a bike run like crap.

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