92 xr600 worth?

What is a fair price 4 a 92xr600.It needs a timing chain and thats it.No other damage.Guy has a new chain to go with it.Its in great shape for 92

How do you know it only needs a timing chain? My point is YOU DON'T! If it were such a simple fix, why has he not fixed it himself? If he is not capable of changing a timing chain on his own, who made the diagnosis that it was the timing chain in the first place....? Before I purchased this bike, I would have it checked out by a shop. Otherwise, if the deal is too good to pass on ($400 or less), then buy it and be prepared to find out what is really wrong with it.

I purchased a running bike that I test drove before I pulled out my cash. I paid $800. I think I got a good deal. I did have to replace all the rockers & cam shortly after buying it, but for what I paid, I still think I got a good deal.

A non-running bike-unless it can be proven what is wrong with it-won't pull that much unless being purchased for the parts.. These things are actually worth more for parts, than in complete condition.

Is it plated? I know that would make a difference for me.

If the timing chain needs replacement chances are other parts are worn out as well.

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