05 CRF450R to YZ450F?

Looking for some opinions.... I am considering an 07 YZ450 as a replacement for my 05CRF450R. I ride about 50/50 moto/woods. I love the CRF on the track and "tolerate" it in the woods. Had anyone made the same move? In particular, I would love to hear how the YZ is in the woods. Only thinking of an 07, so anyone who has made a similar move, I would appreciate your comments.



I traded my 05 in about 7 months ago and have been very satisfied with my yz. It does have different characteristics which have been discussed in the past. Suspension is a definite upgrade from my honda, with a much plusher feel. Steering is equal to or better. Balance, especially in the air is a noticeable improvement. Bike gives you confidence. Overall engine power characteristics are more refined with a much smoother feeling engine on the yz. Most dramatic difference is a little less initial hit off very bottom compared to the honda which has its pluses and minuses although once you get accustom to the difference it is fine. If you were like me, you would agree the honda is no sloutch, but I can honestly say that the yamaha is a fine machine which I believe is superior to what you have now.

Thank you for the feedback!

2 year in technology plays a huge difference..especially since companies are spending millions into new technology and 4 strokes are fairly new machines. Yeah i know yz had a 400 in the 90's but it's still a fairly new concept

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