CRF450R gone WR450 In

Just traded my 04' CRF450R in perfect condition for a 05' WR450 in perfect condition. I am looking forward to getting to know the bike and this forum.


I've got an 03 WR450, and an 07 CRF450 , and I can tell you these bikes are polar opposites!! You can't compare the 2 in any situation. I love my WR for it's off road capabilities, it feels alot lighter than it really is. The engine is like an electric motor, just a torque monster, but VERY controllable.

The CRF is very modern feeling and very light. The motor is powerful and fast revving , the opposite of the WR. The suspension is firm for off road, but perfect for moto(the reason I have the bike). The CRF feels faster than the WR, but it isn't.(Maybe just a little) The WR is deceiving because of it's tractability. I did change the exhaust and rejet my WR(Yosh TRS comp), and did all the free mods.I have had the suspension resprung and revalved. Other than that it's stock.

The CRF has stock exhaust on it now, for the ice I change it out for a Jardine lowboy to get more bottom and mid out of it.

If you like off road you will like the WR, and from your CRF it may feel similar(Your 04 was a bit bigger feeling than my 07).Make sure and read the FAQ's about your WR and do all the mods. make sure to grease it up too.

Have fun with the new bike!!:thumbsup:


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