yzf 426

2000 model yzf 426.........good shape, new plastic, tires, tag bars, white bros pipe..........is 2000 a fair price .....for a bike in really good cosmetic and mechanical cond.????? thanks

You could probably find one cheaper if you shopped a bit, but the price isn't out of line by much. If you think about it,that bike is soon to be 8 years old. Key points are mechanical, maintenance, hours, etc... Plastic parts are cheap in comparison. They are great bikes & run forever if treated right.

Not a bad price at all. I would fine out about the bikes history - I only buy used bikes from older folks like myself. I would never buy a bike that I did not know all the history, the owners and maintanence.

SAve a little now pay a lot later - Paying a little more for the goods is always better in the long run.

As said but so important, make sure you can verify the bikes maintenance and major failure, if any, history. The price is fair, maybe a little high, but if it is well maintained and in good shape you will have a nice, reliable bike. Just remember this will be a 7+ year old bike and a racing 4 stroke so do your due diligence.


I'd say it's in the hunt.

Sounds decent, be sure to question the guys maintainance record.

Ask him how often he checks the valves, cleans the airfilter, changes the oil, cleans the oil filter...etc.

The more often the better.

$2000 sounds like a fair price for a 426 to me... bikes are built like a tank! I have one and wouldn't take any less than $2k for it, that's for sure!

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