Xr650l Stronger front brakes!!!

Hi, I have a 07 xr650l and i am looking for better front brakes does anyone know whare i can find some aftermarket rotors and pads. Thanks!!!

Hi, I have a 07 xr650l and i am looking for better front brakes does anyone know whare i can find some aftermarket rotors and pads. Thanks!!!

I'm suprised you are disappointed with the stock brake.

My suggestion to you is get a steel braided brake line. That's about the biggest improvement you can make on ANY stock brake system.

As I'm sure other people will tell you, stock Honda pads are some of the the best in the industry.

Also make sure you have ALL the air bubbles out of your line. Some bikes have "mushy" braking from the factory because of this.

Motostrano sells a slightly bigger rotor 260mm that increases the stopping power a bit. Increase of 35% stopping power, http://www.motostrano.com/mo26mxro.html

You also need the caliper relocator. http://www.motostrano.com/momx280mmreb.html

Stainless cables are a good bet to start. If you really want to go wild then add a 320mm but be carefull you don't overstop the 21" tire. Better with fatter supermoto tires.

Rockymountain has the steel brake line you seek. Front and rear.

+1 on the braided steel brake line.:ride:

Amazing the difference it makes.:thumbsup:


Thanks alot for the help!!!

I'm amazed that people are having problems with the brakes to begin with.. My bike with factory front brakes was very very good. Probably one of the best set-ups I had experienced. I stepped up to a larger than stock front rotor because I came across a good deal, and it improved it a little more.

I'm sure my lack of riding skill has never pushed the stock system hard enough to cause it to fade.

Also, you have to balance brake strength with front end dive. The stronger front brake system will create more front end dive. You might have to add stiffer springs in the front.

I dont really like my brakes either BUT i am coming froma YZ250 with EBC oversized front rotor with CR routing fastlind brake line so it stops on a DIME.

BCONE stock front rotor is 256MM so 260 isnt oversized ive searched and searched and havent seen an oversized kit for these anywhere

I can't imagine not being satisfied with the front.

Just a slight nudge on the lever really brings mine to a hault mighty quick, I'm really REALLY impressed with them. It's not only the power either that I like, thay have great progressive feel too.

Maybe it's a bleeding issue you have?

If I wanted too, I think at 30,40 and so on, I could go over the bars if I stabbed them hard enough .........they really do work that well!

EBC makes a 320mm oversized kit for the xr650l. its on dennis kirk.191 bucks with the relocator bracket.

I agree the 07 xr650l front brake is lacking. 1600 miles and getting worse.

could the 07 brake pads be of a softer compound?

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