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2007 Baja 500 Odyssey AKA- BIG SCREW UP

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Prescott, Az 5-24-07 0630.

The White Whale loaded and ready for Baja.:ride:


Made great time to the border. 6 1/2 hrs.

Had a load of stuff for the orphanage in Valley T.

Went into declare line, got the OK and cleared right thru Mexican Customs.

Got right thru Mexicali and headed south on Mex 5.

Stopped a Pemex and topped off with fuel. (Diesel)

Got about 10 miles south and van started running real ruff and smoking.

Pulled into mechanics shop at K54.


This van has a 7.3 Power-Stroke diesel engine.

They are noted for the cam timing sensor to fail for no reason.

Knowing this I was carrying a spare sensor.

Had new sensor installed and van still ran like S**t.:thumbsup:

Had to be a bad load of fuel. (water):)

My friend who owns shop called for tow truck to take back to Mexicali to diesel shop.

2 hr wait no truck. Called again, had to get another tow service to tow from federal hwy.

As a note, I had BAJABOUND.COM insurance. They paid the $150.00 tow bill back to Mexicali.:ride: :ride:

Now its 7 PM friday evening. The diesel shop owner stayed and waited till we got there.

He said he will work on it first thing in the morning.

Taller Refaccionario Diesel-Benigno Fosauo-0446861107476. Great service, great prices.:ride:


Great guy, said I could get a room for the night across the stree at at the pink Motel.


I walk up to the office and the lady tells me no rent for the nite, just four hours and no alone, must bring your own girl with you. No walk-ins accepted.

Well I'm slow but not that slow. Not the motel I was looking for.

The shop owner saw I didn't get a room and drove over to take me to another Motel.:ride:


This motel didn't have a price posted and you didn't get a key to the room.

You could lock the door when you left but you had to get the Manager to open your room when you got back. Nice room inside.:ride:


The motel resturant was closed, manager said reaturant across street.


Crossed street, went up stairs and was met by 2 scantly clad "ladies":eek: said not a restraunt, it was a dance hall. Resturant down stairs and around back. Restraunt was closed.

Went back to "ladies" and they sent me down two blocks and over 1 block to taco stand.

Found taco stand, no tacos, only hambergers and hot dogs?? :worthy: Had a hamberger and went back to motel, found manager,let me into my room showered and bed. LOOOng day!!!:ride:

This post is titled 2007 Baja 500 Odessey AKA-BIG SCREW UP.

Big screw up comes tomorrow.

corky:ride: :ride: :ride:

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Sounds like the station put gas in your diesel.


You are exactly right.:ride:

Now you have ruined my whole "stupid me" story.:)

Just kidding. :ride:

corky :ride::thumbsup::ride:

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The Big Screw UP

Day 2, Saturday Mexicali, BC Norte 5-25-07

As Paul Harvey says, The rest of the story.:thumbsup:

8 AM shop owner picks me up at Motel and we go to his shop.

I go thru all the events of the prior day with the shop owner

explaining what went wrong with my van.

I'm just sure as sure can be that that dirty S.O.B. at the Pemex

station sold me fuel contaminated with water.

One of the mechanics is listening to my story,

goes over and gets a 4' pice of hose, opens my fuel cap

and stickes the hose in the tank, withdraws it, put it to his nose

and smells it.

He says "gasolina"

I say no diesel!! He put it in again and puts under my nose.

I say "Si gasolina"

About this time the lights come on in my old gringo brain!!!:ride:

In arizona the diesel pump has a green cover on pump nozzel.


When I pulled into the Pemex station I grabbed the green pump nozzel

and filled my tank with 35 gals of gasoline.:ride:


Well with the problem diagnosed, the fix was under way promptly.

Drain gas, flush tank with diesel, drain again, add more diesel.

Start engine, let run adout 10 minutes, to flush out remaining gasoline,

take it for test drive. All fixed.

At 11:30 I'm back on the road again with a full tank of diesel fuel.

Make a quick stop at Mexicali "Cosco" for sodas, water and ice.

Get to the door, lady wants to see my Cosco card.

I said I don't have card fo Mex Cosco. She lets me in anyway.

Get what I need in my cart and go to check out.

Lady at register wants me to put my card thru register thing to show

I am a member.

I have no card. I ask the lady behind me if I can use her card.

Swipe her card thru the card reader, pay the clerk and out the door I go.

Thing are going good now, on to my friends house in San Felipe.

Upon arrival at Lou's house I was invited to a very good pork roast dinner.

Day 3 Sunday San Felipe, BC Norte 5-26-07

After a good nites sleep in my van, Lou and his wife again feed me breakfast.

Pancakes, eggs, bacon and coffee.

Ahhaaa is this any way to live. can't beat BAJA.:):ride:



About 9:30 AM leave San Felipe headed for San Matias.

Stopped in San Matias to see a friend that has a home there.

He was not at at home so I went on to the "Hogar de Los Ninos" El Oasis.

I dropped off the donations I had for them. Clothing, Kitchen utensils and some toys.

Made arragements to leave my vehicle there and lodging for the nite.

Went to Valley T, filled van with "DIESEL" and gas up my bike.

Returned to El Oasis had a very nice dinner with the kids at the Hogar.:ride:


Day 3 Monday San Matis, El Oasis 5-27-07

Got a early start. Kick stand up at 7 AM. Had breakfast in San Matias. Very good.


Nice ride to Mikes ranch for a quick cup of coffee the on to pre ride more of the course.

Met LR at Mikes and we talked for more than an hour about the old days.

Rode the course out of Mikes to San Telmo road. Took hwy to El Coyote To secure room for the nite.


Went back out to hwy, picked up course and rode loop back to Mile 186. Very silty.

This is the section that was changed prior to the race. Then rode course from 186 to El Coyote.

Did you know that El Coyote now has a swimming pool!!!!


El Coyote now has 3 bunk houses, total 16 beds. Gas available @ $5.00 per gal.



El Coyote has excellant food and beds. Rates, $55.00 per nite.

Includes dinner, lodging with good bed and hot shower, and breakfast.

My Dinner-Teraki chicken,rice.beans,salad,homemade bread and coffee.

My breakfast-Ham 7 egg omelet, cantelope,potatos, fresh orange juice and coffee.

Day 4 Tuesday El Coyote 5-28-07

After a great breakfast served a 7 AM, I was off to do some more riding.

Got back on the course at El Coyote rode down Simpsons and into Valley T and gassed up.

Went back up sand road to Mikes ranch cross over road and back up to Mikes.

Rode from Mikes back up to San Telmo road. Down San Telmo road to cut off to Mikes, then down Simpsons again and into ValleY T.

After gasing again I noticed some mature (old) riders suiting up to go riding. Turns out they were some guys I had raced with and against years ago.

The guy that was driving chase for them I hadn't seen for over 20 years.

I went back to El Oasis,loaded my bike and drove back to Valley T and spent the rest of the day telling race stories (embilished fibs) with buddy.

Got Estero Beach about 5 PM and hooked up with The Alabama Gang, DIRTDOGS team members and another team of riders from Colorado.

Had a nice shower and crashed for the nite.

Corky :ride: :ride: :ride:

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Day 5 Estero Beach Wednesday 5-29-07

In the morning the Bama gang fed me breakfast, begals and coffee.:ride:


We talked about prerunning and how they were going to do it.

I told them about the area around Mikes and down to Valley T that I had ridden.

Gary had it all together with a good plan.:thumbsup:

With his wife and Adams girlfriend to chase for them,

they didn't need my assistance to do their pre running.

After they left I got together with another team from Estes Park, Colo.

#287.Matt, Charlie, Scott, and their 3 ladies.

All three ladies also rode dirt bikes and quite well I was told,

as one of the ladies (Nicki) told the guys she was going to ride part

of the race with them. Go Nicki!!! :ride:

Matt and his lady went off to pre run Matts part of the race course.

Charlie was having a bit of a problem fixing a flat front.:rant:

2 tubes already pinched. I gave them a new tube and helped get tire repaired

and back on the bike. I patched 2 of thier tubes so they had spare tubes again.

Charlie and Scott then went off to pre run.

That left me alone with two very nice ladies in the camp.:eek:

Now this is a team you want to hang around if you are racing or just fun riding.

Scott is a 10 yr emergency room Doctor, Nicki is a emergency room RN, two of the others are currently employed I-EMT's, the others are certified EMT's.

Great bunch to be around when you fall off your bike!!!:ride: :ride:

Didn't get a picture of this team.

About this time the 2 DIRTDOGS teams were waking up from a 12 hr drive from the No Cal area.

I went over and said hello and asked if they needed anything or any pre run assistance.

I had already met this team of riders at the Ensenada 250.:worthy:


Team # 403X Rich D., Dave D. & Dave F.

No picture of the other team #316X John T, Ed M., & Mark L.

No help needed so I just hung around and got into everyones way!!! :ride:

The DOGS got suited up and went off to per run.

As it turned out member John T. of the #316X team father Dave? came along on the trip.

He being another mature person, as I am, we started talking about the oldens days.

As it turns out he is a retired CHP Mtr officer.I am a retired LAPD MTR officer.

We spent the day telling old stories of our experiences. :worthy:

We also had the company of the ladies left in camp from team #287.

Everyone returned safley from prerunning. No major problems.:ride:

DIRTDOGS team took me out to dinner at Estero beach resturant.:ride:

It was a great day spent with great people.

Day 6 Thursday Estero beach 5-30-07

I checked in with the Bama gang. Gary decided they had done enough pre- running and were going to rest for a couple of days before the race and do a bit of maintenance on the race bikes. Sounded like a good plan to me as they had also driven cross country prior to pre running. I told them I would be at Mile 186 race day if they needed anything.:ride:

The Colorado team asked if I would take some gas to my pit for them as their gas situation might be a bit close in that area.:worthy:

DIRTDOGS had everything under control. I told all the team members where I would be if they needed anything.

Left Estero Beach headed south. I had more donations for another Hugar de Los Ninos.

"El Reinio de Los Ninos" :worthy: It is located just south of Maneadero on the east side of the hiwy.

Easy to get in and out of if you have some things to donate.:ride:

Continued south to San Telmo turn off. Met members of team #287 and had a few tacos with them.

I wanted to check out a place I had ridden by on the beach when pre running in years past.

"Cuatro Casas" 7 miles west of the hwy on the beach. The road would be great on a motorcycle

but it was a bit ruff and VERRRY dusty in my van. No problem driving the road just dusty.



Over the years I had ridden by this location without stopping thinking it was just a fish camp.

It is a surfer Hostel, but bikes are welcome. Only one other person staying here.

Food was great and cooked to order as I was the only one eating meals. Clean bathrooms and hot showers.


Rooms were clean, bunk house style. The best part only $15.00 per nite.

2 meals, dinner and breakfast $6.00:thumbsup:

If riding the coast in this area, this would be a great alternate to San Quintin.

Day 7 Friday Cuatro Casas 5-31-07

Drove back out to hiwy, filled my spare gas can and got more ice.

Tried to use internet. They couldn't connect to the satelite.:ride:

OK its BAJA.

Up San Telmo road to mile 186 and set up my camp about 10:30 AM Friday

Only one other located there . BFG support truck.



All set up and ready to PIT and watch.:worthy:

Spent the rest of the day reading and helping some other bike riders that were still pre running.:)

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Day 8 Saturday Mile 186 Baja 500 6-1-07


1st Bike #1X Time 0947 No Picture

2nd Bike #7X Time 0950


3rd Bike #313 Time 1008 No Picture (Jim O'Neil team)

4th Bike #14X Time 1017


5th Bike #8x Time 1021


6th Bike #12X Time 1023


Things Got kinda crazy after this, and I am not much of a picture taker.

Team Dirtdogs #316 came thru @ 1101 AM

Team dirtdogs #403X came thru @ 1104 AM

The all girl team # 102X came thru @ 1133 AM

"Girls rule, boys drool" :ride:

Bama team "senior" rider #272 came thru @ 1159 AM

Bama team "junior" rider #266 came thru @ 1227 PM

Adam stopped as he needed gas. Said he missed his last pit stopped??

Colo team rider #287 came thru @ 1240 PM. He also stopped for gas.

About 20 minutes later Adam (Bama #226) returned to my pit.:ride:


His handle bars were loose. Had to remove handle bars, tighten bar risers then replace bars.

All else was OK. :thumbsup:

I hung around until the first TT came thru and then packed up and left.

The pit area was very dusty by this time, and just to dusty to see any of

the race vehicles as they came thru.

Drove back to Estero Beach to wait for the race teams to return.

Team #316, and # 403 returned. :)

Bama gang not in yet and went to dinnerwith the DOGS.

Upon return the Bama gang had returned with all bodies and bikes accounted for.:ride:

Waited till about 10:00 pm for the Colo team to return. Then crashed in my van for the nite.

Day 9 Sunday, Estero Beach 6-2-07

Woke up about 5 AM, saw that the Colo team had returned.:ride:

I wanted to get an early start at the Tecate crossing so I said my good byes to all that were awake and headed North about 5:30 AM.

Got to border @ 7:45 AM, 25 min in line and I was across. :ride:

480 miles later and I was home.

Except for my fuel screw up:bonk: I had a great trip. Met some great people, ate great food and hope I helped a few people in their race effort.

Till next time,:ride: :ride:


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Corky, we almost did the same thing. On the way down I showed Lago how to look for a station with 4 prices shown and then to only use the "Green nozzle".

We were getting worried about finding Diesel coming back from Contingency, until we got to the turnoff to Estero beach and that Pemex had it. But the nozzle is not Green!

Thanks for your input, DirtDogs

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Always great to have you stop by Corky. And glad the rest of the trip went so well. Lots of people do the gas/diesel thing. I buy the draining from one station to wash parts in. Looking forward to your next trip down. :thumbsup::)

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