License, inspection, registration, etc...L

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Anyway, I had a mishap when I bought the bike. I went to license and register my 93' L last fall and the DMV did so without asking for an inspection ticket (don't know why, I assume they just forgot to ask).

I am concerned that when I go to re-register it I will have issues because it has been de-smogged. Has anyone ever not passed an inspection because of de-smogging? Also, does Dave's mods affect inspection?

P.S. I am in Utah.


I don't think that you have much to worry about. As far as I know only the counties in Arizona that contain Phoenix and Tuscon are doing any kind of smog check on bikes. It is a very loose test compared to standard cars are held to. I would imagine that several de-smogged 650L's have passed the test there or we would have heard of it by now in this forum.

Here in the peoples republic of California, the only thing that the DMV looks for is the emissions sticker. If it says "on road emissions" then you can get a street plate. A few years ago I got a street bike that had sat in a garage for years. When I registered it, the DMV employee checked the wrong box on the reg form. I got a letter a few weeks later telling me that I had to turn in my plate and get a green sticker. All I had to do was bring the bike back and show them the emissions sticker.

If they ever get around to smog checks on bikes that are like smog checks on cars, then you might have a problem with no smog equipment.

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