XR650L Front Sprocket?

Does anyone have, or know where to get a larger FRONT sprocket (16 tooth)

for an L... or if it will even fit on the bike??? I find its geared just a bit too low for street riding, which is primarily what I use it for... also revs a little high at highway speeds. I just use it to get to work and back, and fun cruisin!

I have a 650R just for the dirt. I would prefer to just change the front if possible... any ideas???:thumbsup:

(I already spoke w/ Nate at Ironman, they don't carry one)

http://sprocketspecialists.com/ is a great site.

I dont know about going up in the front (the site says the range is 13-15 and stock is 15), but you can always go a few down in the back to do the same thing (see sprocket site ;P )

I'm thinking the 15 is the largest that will fit in there.

The source I use for my 650R is Sprocket Specialists. They make sprockets for tons of models and were the only source I found for a 16t for my R.

Cannot say if a 16t will fit on your L, just take off the case-guard if you have one and eyeball it. Measure the diameter of your 15t and multiply that by about 1.07, since the 16t (if one is available) will be about 7% larger in diameter.

Or, you can keep it simple and just check Sprocket Specialists website for a 16t. If they don't show one, odds are its because a 16t won't fit.

Good luck.

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