426 in canada

leave saturday to pick up my 426 in canada.I had a lot of reservations about posting this as i might jinx a good thing.As it stands now i will be getting the bike for 4600 american otd.Sounds to good to be true!that is what i beleive also.I have talked to the shop owner many times and he sounds like i can trust what he says(he is a thumper talk member but i don't want to say who he is until bike is in garage).My father used

to tell me if it sounds to good to be true it is!So i am not counting on anything.I am a hard and true 2 stroker hoping to make the change,so sunday i hope to write a post on my first ride at belfair washington on my new awesome wr426 please give me somme good juh juh! :):D:D

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