gas tank?

my 8 year old gas tank has turned pretty green from gas sitting in there. is there any way to make it look blue again? also will a yz450 tank and seat fit on my wr400 or do i have to get a older one.

I doubt you could make it blue again. As for yz tanks on wr they should fit. Difinitely follow up with search. There is tons of info on this subject.

I don't think the 450 tanks fit the 400 or 426.

What type of fuel do you have over there?.Alien juice.May be if you washed the tank out very well with soupy water to get rid of ALL traces of fuel . Then try heating with a heat egun very carfully like you would to remove crease marks.

just 91 octain but thats what i was thing with heat but im not to sure that would work

1998 to 2002 WR400/426 have the same gas tank, and yes a YZ tank and seat of those years would fit, but not of anything >2002.

You can fit a newer model tank to the bike if you buy a YZ450 subframe, airbox, rear master cylinder, seat and there is some fab work involved.

Search the YZ forums, some sharp looking 400/426 bikes with new style plastic.

yes i did see a nice looking 99 400 with 06 plastic but i found a 2001 yz250f tank and it looks like it will work but im not sure. does anyone know if it will? Thanks

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