WR450 Lowering Link

Just installed the lowering link from Mountain Motor Sports on my 03 WR. This is one well made part! Bike fits like a glove now. When I pulled the old part off, all the grease had been washed out of the needle bearings and they were toast. I will pay more attention to those bearings, they get dragged through lots of mud and water. Recomend this mod to others who fight the height and high center of gravity of this machine. Loss of ground clearance has not been an issue for me.

How much did it lower it? $$ for parts...Hard to do?

Do you also have to lower the front forks/triple clamp?

Flame your butts off if these are stupid questions, but the only beech I have ever had with my 03 wr450 and my new 07 is the fact that my toes barely touch the ground. [that and the dreaded bog when I twist it!] A 1.5 to 2" drop would be perfect, but I don't want to goof with the overall handling.

Thanks in advance!

Lowered the seat 1-1/2". There are lots of threads out there about having to lower the front also, which may be true for a racer- I find the handling to be improved. Parts are $210, a mechanic could do it in 15 minutes, I did it in an hour +. Rode several hours, tight woods, I went from tip toes to flat footed. Makes coming to a stop on the trail a whole lot easier.

Thanks, G....

Going to do it since the height is the only thing bugging me. Other than that, the best ride I have ever been lucky enough to own.

Must be epic to ride in the unspoiled great north country!

Tony, Let me know what you think after you do it. I also feel lucky to own mine. Had decided I wanted a trail machine, knew it would be four stroke, put the word out that I was looking. A friend was leaving town and sold me his for $1800. Excellent shape except a slightly bent handlebar. This was much more power than I was looking for, but I need it quiet with torque and have just had a grin pasted on my face every ride!

Alaska is a great big place to ride, its gonna be tough when the snow hits the ground and I got start tinkering on the bike all winter instead of riding. How is Colorado for trail access? I lived in Boulder Canyon for a year 40+ yaers ago, and it was just like the little Alaska mining towns, abandon cabins, trails- bet it has changed a bunch.

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