LOUD PIPE issue: Vote

This topic has generated a lot of intrest recently.

I'm curious as to where the majority of the ThumperTalkers stand on this issue so I devised a poll.

If you have any intrest in particapating you can vote right here >>> click here

Thanks. And please dont vote more than once so we can get a fair count. :)

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Loud is not interesting to me. Below is what I want.

1) as light weight as possible.

2) optimum performance throughout the power band.

3) as quiet as possible.

4) total stealth can be dangerous.

Trail riding is not like driving on the interstate. When we are trail riding there is no line in the trail to keep on coming traffic on seperate sides of the road to avoid head on collisions. We are constantly confronted with blind curves. Sometimes with difficult obsticles to go over under or around. The point is we cannot be expected to behave exactly like cars in traffic. Certain allowances have to made to accomadate the activity. To try and make the activity of off-roading conform to regular traffic laws is like asking the space shuttle come to a complete halt during re-entry to avoid a collision with a flock of birds! It will work if you don't mind destroying the shuttle or killing the sport of off-roading. We do need to draw a line in the sand. Freedom without tolorance or understanding of the needs of others is not freedom at all. It may be that we have to make a little noise in order to have our needs met. Is that any less important than the need others have for quiet?

Originally posted by MOmilkman:

so we can get a fair count. :)

My old english teacher used to say, "FAIR only comes once a year and it has rides and rabbits."

I agree with points on both sides of the loudenss issue but I will be buying a Q series muffler.


I vote for header pipe only exhaust!

header pipe. Dont need no stinking header pipe. Louder the better. Around here you are riding way out of town. We dont have to worry abotu the quietness.

I was in moab a few years ago and I realized how we polluted the environment with all of our noise. When I was off the bike I could really get into the beauty and peace so I could understand what others must be dealing with when I'm ripping around with my powercore 4 (The loudest thing I have ever heard). The guys I was with said "screw everyone else, we are here to have fun"

There are too many people on this planet! your freedom always interferes with someone elses rights. I don't think there is an easy answer..

I vote "do what you can and hopefully they can understand our issues too"



I want to remove my e-series and shove a Greenies A$$ up my header outlet.....Just to hear em SCREAM....

The only drawback is that I'll have to add more weight to the left side of my bike as a counter weight....

Bonzai :)

I like loud!

yamacrazyman, you migh also need to rejet. and ad a bigger flywheel weight. as far as the voteing goes. Yes or no answer guys loud=yes and quiet=no. Now lets have some voting that isnt middle of the road. Ok let the voting commence. And is there anything else that yamakaze needs to do to his bike to make sure it runs great with a greenie on his tailpipe. Funny **** .

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Like it or not, noise is viewed by non-riders as an unwanted nuisance. Loud bikes will continue to cause public pressure to close even more riding areas.

Does anyone think an uncorked Harley is fast because it is loud? This logic escapers me.

Yeah, you guys have me convinced that power doesn't matter and loud is bad.

I'm going to trade my WR in for an XR250 since it handles better than the WR and is quiet. What was I thinking?

By the way, I can tell how my bike is running at high altitude by if I can wheelie only on throttle in 2nd or 3rd gear. When I've tried the Vortip or other quiet exhaust modes, I can't throttle wheelie. It's simple, on this bike louder means more horsepower. Didn't we all buy this bike for the power. If we want quiet, we might as well trade it for a bike that is lighter and handles better.

Bicycles are REAL quiet. Anyone want to trade?

And another thing.

Maybe it depends on where we ride? Most of the places I ride don't have families on picknics unless they have motorcycles or ATV's standing by. It's rare that I come upon anyone but other riders.

And another thing.

One time I was in Moab riding with a friend. I was waiting for him at the bottom of a canyon. He also has a WR. I couldn't even hear him until he was about 300 yards from me. I can hear 2 strokers buzzing like bees 2 miles away.

And another thing.

Everyone else is right about the greenies. It's just like gun control. Since the liberals couldn't get rid of all guns, they have an agenda to strip away our rights on one point at a time. First it was semi-automatic weapons. Next it was clips having more than 10 rounds. Next it's the Gun Show loop-hole. It won't stop until we don't have any guns. Know what? I bought my gun at a gun show and have two 16 round clips and I have NO desire to go shoot anyone! The greenies have an agenda to keep us off of ALL trails. They want all forest service changed over to wilderness so only the hikers and stinky horses can enjoy the outdoors. After all motorized vehicles have been removed, those stinky horses are next.

Is it obnoxious to have a loud WR? Yes. Do I like it, no. But I do like the power and feel that I can be considerate of others with a loud bike. When I come upon hikers or others, I keep the bike at low idle. When I come accross horses, I turn off the engine. If someone seems pissed, I stop and talk to them.

It's a matter of consideration to others and NOT letting the liberals turn the US into a wilderness area by fighting for our rights to ride. Not my giving in to the latest little issue of noise.

And another thing.

Who defines how much noise is too much? That's a bunch of crapola! 104 decibles is too loud? I say if I'm out in the woods, watching Bambi and catching butterflys, ANY motorcycle is going to anger me. Just tell me to go back to my freak'n Subaru in my Birkenstocks and GO HOME! We can all get along just fine if we LIGHTEN UP!


I put loud pipes on my truck too so I can pass Subaru's that are driving 10 miles per hour under the speed limit and scare the b-jesus out of them!



I prefer pipes with a REASONABLE dB level, stock or after-market. I applaud FMF for their new Q-Pipes. If I end up going after-market, it will be the FMF Q.

Or I could just say … Screw everyone else, MAN!!! I own the entire planet, MAN!!! LOUD PIPES RULE!!! And screw that whole idea of getting permission for riding on someone else’s property. So what if they worked all of their lives to pay for it and pay taxes on it every year. I RULE!!! I’M GOING TO RIDE WHEREVER I WANT!!! Right across the farmer’s crop and everything … so what it he loses money. So what if I trespass on someone else’s property and annoy them with my loud pipe, there is NO WAY that the local government or law enforcement is ever going to take their side. Besides I’m untouchable and laws don’t apply to me.

Seriously though …

In Western New York State, hundreds and hundreds of miles from New York City (guess what … most of New York is hilly and rural), we have lost riding areas due to loud pipes.

Due to our huge lack of public riding areas; it has been a growing trend, for farmers and land owners, to make ride areas and moto-cross practice tracks and charge $100 per person to ride for the year. However, since the inception of the YZF, they have passed one new rule … ABSOLUTELY NO FOUR-STROKES. They don’t even care if you ride an ultra-quite XR or DRZ. Thanks to the YZFs they are biased towards all four-strokes. Many local experts have migrated back to two-strokes, just so they can have access to practice tracks.

We also had a local guy who USED TO HAVE HIS OWN TRACK, on his own 80 acres or so of land, right next to an expressway. Well he and all of his buddies, and their uncorked – after-market pipes had a practice day on his own track. The short story is: the loud pipes offended his neighbor, thus the town (Chili, NY) got involved. The town first tried to BAN ALL FORMS OF OFF-ROAD RECREATION. Then New York Trail Riders Organization (NYTRO) and the New York State Off-Road Vehicle Association (NYSORVA) along with their volunteer lawyers got involved, thus putting a stop on the ban. So then the town passed a noise ordinance to stop this guy from riding on his land. The town went out to his property line and found out that riding his bike DID NOT VIOLATE THE TOWN’S NOISE ORDINANCE, in fact the neighboring expressway did. The town did not give up. They got him on a technicality … he altered his landscape without a permit (put in jumps and berms with a bulldozer). It doesn’t matter that THE TOWN IS WRONG. What matters is; they have more money and can drive him broke in legal fees just protecting his right to ride on his OWN property.


Keep your loud pipes and ruin it for everyone, yourselves included. Thank guys.

On the land use issue, the club I belong to puts one of the oldest Enduros in the NorthEast. Every year we lose trail for the Enduro. Why? It’s not because we politely ask for permission and carry insurance. It’s solely due to a few people riding with out any permission (loud pipes don’t help, either). Another case were just a few riders ruin it for hundreds of riders. Thank again guys.

I hear my soapbox starting to crack under the weight of my fat a$$, I better get off it now.

as far as gun control goes i have a loaded 45 under my matress. if someone breaks into my home he is getting shot other then that i dont want to shoot anyone either. Ans as far as 104 decibles goes. my stereo pumps out about 120 and i hear stereos pumping around all the time. People just dont want us having any fun i guess. And as far as the greenies go they live in wooden houses just like us and they drive cars just like us and the ****tinstocks that they wear come from dead cows. Funny **** man

trail rider. Dont you ride an xr400. And live with the laws in your area. if you dont like them move or quit yer bitchin'

Hey Trail Ryder. Maybe I didn't emphisis one of my points well enough when I was on MY soapbox :) .

That is, it seems that many people on this forums live and ride in more congested areas where sound is a bigger deal. And that makes you more sensitive to this issue (as it should).

Obviously, if you ride in a state with more people and less areas to ride, you do want to be more concious and careful of not offending others. In my state, Colorado, I can ride in places and not see anyone all day. It's certainly brings out a different perspective.

I have an open mind. I just wanted to rant and rave. Truth is, I see both sides and respect both sides. When I went riding in the Tahoe area, I quieted my bike down all that I could in respect of riders that live in California.

Thx for all the dialog on this.

I see this whole argument as a exercise in futility. The only leagle option we have is to vote with knowledge. The average age of this sport is the one thing that will kill it. So few get the real picture.

No matter what we do, we will be deprived of our rights if we don't get the greenies out.

Meanwhile, I vote for loud, but be considerate.

I have heard of proposed legislation which will prohibit any mechanical changes to stock motorcycles. For now, finding new riding areas is

a real chore. I got my WR street licensed and have

just drilled a few more holes in the stock insert.

I have all the power I can use and it really is very quiet to run. We simply must be more aware of our presence in rural areas or we will be legislated out of existence.

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