Kick starting the WR 450

Hey guys,

My starter does not work and I have been kicking the bike. The bike does not like to start (easily) when hot or after I have been riding with the quads (slow). Does anyone have any techniques for starting.



Are you using the decomp. lever? Are you giving it any throttle? dont. Is your air filter clean?

I have a 426 and it dont have a starter all I do is push the kickstart down without the decompressor slowly untill you cant push it any more not all the way down just till the compression is to much to push it anymore then start from the top again pull the decom. push kick down 2in then let the decom. go annd give it one good kick mine starts 1st or 2nd kick most of the time.

I'm using the hot start lever, no throttle, and the air filter is clean. I'm not familiar with a decomp lever.



I'm willing to say that your Jetted a bit on the lean side. Do you know what your jets are by any chance? Also, did you check the air filter?

Probably jetted on the rich side not lean. My 05 kicks over the first or second no matter what. Give it no throttle (grab the brake clamp) and kick her over. If it won't old is your plug? If I tip it then I need to kick it with the hart start pulled a few times then let go and she fires up. I noticed if I added a little more on my air screw it was also a little harder to start.

I bet it's running a little lean. No decomp lever on a 450.

I have no choice but to kick start my bike.

You just have to find top dead center, and kick smoothly all the way.

Starts every time. Of course I have got perfect jetting though.

Don't touch the throttle at all, when hot, just hold the hot-start lever in.

you didnt say what year your 450 is,but my 03 was hard to startuntil I riched the pilot and the leak jet and she starts easily now . look at that.good luck.

Thanks for the reply guys:

I got the bike used and think it was set up lean. The usual place I ride is an old strip mine property with wide open logging roads. When I ride it there at a fast pace the bike runs perfect. In fact, I do not think it could run any better. I pulled the new plug and it looks just a tinge on the hot side. The problem is when I ride with the neighbors and their quads (slow) or when the trail gets tight and narrow. Slow again. When ridden slow this bike is a different animal. It has boiled over and spit coolant out the plastic coolant tank, it bogs down and is hard to start. I have not pulled the carb yet but have already ordered a jet kit from JD Jetting. Any suggestions are appreciated on finding a happy medium.

Thanks in advance for all your help,


I have a 07 and put the JD jetting in, main was 162 now 170 and the pilot was 45 now 48. Runs great starts first kick hot or cold, had a real hard time getting the bike to kick over before jetting.

My bike started nearly perfectly every time while riding the Durty Dabbers D/S last weekend (Mid PA). IMO, it all lies in good jetting. I had a 168 MJ, JD red #4, 48 PJ and fuel screw tuned as the day goes on (between 1 and 2.5). If anything, maybe the main was a bit too rich, as it was a little hotter than I expected, but generally it ran great.

When ridden slow this bike is a different animal. It has boiled over and spit coolant out the plastic coolant tank,

Buff, I think that in this situation you are running on the lean side.

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