Newbie jetting issues

Hi all, New to TT. Can sit and read all day, this forum rocks.

I have a '95 Xr 600r. Runs like a gladiator. Brute force. I love it.

The carb is the stock keihin, with 65 pilot and 155 main jets.

Staintune exhaust, riden at sea level.

At low revs if i full throttle it, it bogs badly to the point that if i hold the throttle on it will just stall.

I've tried running the needle on 4th clip from the top, as i thought it might be running lean, but now running on 2nd from top.

On the current needle clip position (2nd from top) it has almost fixed the bogging, but its still is not fully eradicated.

I'm wondering if anyone has any jetting suggestions.

I've also noticed the fuel screw makes no difference whatsoever to the idle unless its between 0 - 1/4 turns out at 4th clip from top on needle.

At 2nd clip from top, not much difference, 0 - 1/2 turn, then no difference. Does this mean the pilot is too big?

Thanks for any suggestions.


My guess is that your pilot is too big. Probably should be more like a 55. Hopefully someone more knowledgeable will verify.

sea level for that bike(assuming its stock internally), go with 58 pilot, 158 main, 3rd needle position. check out daves mods also.

Wheres daves mods?:thumbsup:

just do a search. they were meant for the 650L but it might be a good baseline.

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