I would love to tell you how great my forks are, but I have run into a few road blocks. 1) The weather..six inches of ice just finally melted. 2) I'm putting on the fork tubes and one of the pinch bolts strips on the triple clap. So off to buy a new one. 3) Since the triple clap is on order I think I will do the YZ timing mod and de-octopus the thing. Putting the carb back on and I notice the throttle cables are frayed... :) so back to the dealer and order more parts. So here I sit with a nice new fork job, new GYT-R tripple clap, BUT no damn throttle cables. Well I guess I will be ready when the weather breaks because nothing else on my bike better not. I will keep you posted. Life is GOOD !!!!!!!!!!

Pete :D

I was going to e-mail you but I kept forgetting when I was sitting at the computer. Sounds like you've used up your quota for bad luck. Now it's time for some good!

Be sure to bend the throttle cable brackets so they pull straight towards the throttle pulley. This can help reduce/eliminate fraying the new cables.


Thanks for the advice. I need some good weather here soon !!!!!! I'm tired of seeing the posts of the Georgia gang getting guys are killing me :) I'm going to do some jetting and start putting this thing back together. Wish me luck. Hope to have some news for you soon.

Pete :D

I just found out a week ago that my friends are going south... Tenn. I think, for a week of riding :) sounds good. But I need the valve shims (B.Ordered.) , so I can finish the top end. But that gave me time to get the BK mod done, and every thing else off my mind. Then I need to finish my last minute Gold Valve Install.!!! :D THANKS MXTUNER And if its back together in time...I'll need to catch up on work before I can leave. BUT your right LIFE IS GOOD :D

Side ? MXTUNER -- will a cH 2 still improve bottoming? how about oil level?

Thanks again!

[ February 16, 2002: Message edited by: crazyadam ]

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