instrution vids?

where can i find good vids for trails? im looking for tips and tricks.... anyhelp would be great

Dirt Wise, great instructional video. You can find them on Ebay .

^^^^:thumbsup: I'll second that! It's a good DVD for learning everything. Even people who have ridden for years say they've learned something from it. In fact, I just gave it to my son to watch before we go out riding again. It's been a while for sense he's ridden a bike.


Its one of those things that you can watch over and over and pick up something new from watching is form/body movement. Personally, I'm trying to work on the really slow speed drills like the figure 8's and getting the front wheel up, then a stoppie. Anyone can twist it and go fast...skill comes when you can control your bike at allll speeds. :thumbsup::)

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